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This base was made with love for Neocities user Salamaunder. Wow, this thing is hefty as hell. There's not even that much dialogue in that movie to begin with! Good lord. Well, thanks for this. I mean, I don't know what I'm gonna - wait a minute. This isn't a script. This is a rug. And there's a... note? Let me read this: "My dearest ikea customer, if you are dissatisfied with anything you have recieved in the past twenty-four hours you may return the rug immediately." That is signed from Mr. Ikea himself.

P.S: this rug was made with love and signed by adam.

Sorry, saying "was made with love" just generated this entire quote in my head and it works for filling out the space here. I'm trying to make the page look complete for visual purposes. Working with a blank canvas is pretty intimidating. Enjoy!

Clay is an extremely mentally healthy

individual who has never had any problems

with authority or identity.