This page is a comprehensive archive of all the characters and outfits I put together in! Not many have backstories, but they've all got memories attached and I'm still missing this game something fierce. Let's take a trip down memory lane!! was an online playground developed by Wildworks where creatures from myth and fable could be customised with stickers and sent on quests across a unique, fantastical world. From uncovering mysteries in a blood-soaked tundra to learning magic from toad creatures in an ancient bog, there was no shortage of wonder to be found across the landscape - that is, until the game was swallowed whole by the greed of its company. In early 2022, was shut down and replaced with an identical yet somehow functionally worse game, Cinder, which operates on the blockchain. Dedicated fans are now hard at work producing emulated and sequel versions of the game, most notably EmuFeral and Fer.ever.


Shiba, 2021

An OC made with the explicit purpose of making people go "aww", this red shiba inu was part of a twin pack - my buddy Maunder made a black and tan one to match!! After finishing our daily quests, we'd sit side-by-side in City Fera and chatter with strangers together, soaking up sweetness and (on one occasion) getting hounded for a step-by-step tutorial on how to steal the look! Not sure how the kids expected us to deliver such a thing in-game, but it was pretty funny. And nice to know we'd made such adorably snatchable puppies! They even had toe beans.

Jack O'Lantern, 2021

My spookiest kitsune and a smash hit during the fall months, Jack O'Lantern was put together for the very last Cindernoct celebration! He was a ghoulish gourd animated by a ghost who pulled pranks on Sparks around Feral - a kind of Lock, Shock and Barrel character with low empathy to match. He wasn't all bad, though, and always left a sugary trail of treats wherever he went. (Since I always had an overload of stuff, I liked giving out free accessories during holidays.)

Thanks to his devilish charm, he was a multiple-time winner of community-hosted Costume Contests and would mostly be found in Centuria where I'd chatter with other players getting dressed up for halloween. From time to time, he'd even inspire other pumpkin-headed looks, and we'd group up in a veritable pumpkin patch of petrifying party animals!

Not pictured: the spherical yellow earrings I stuck on Jack that'd poke through his eye holes at certain angles, looking like follow-me pupils!



A playful experiment for the most part, this opossum was made in response to me seeing raccoons and skunks skittering around City Fera! Due to opossums not being heavily patterned, I was able to go all out on its fur texturing and toe details, which I think look pretty awesome. I even managed to sticker little nostrils on its snout!!

I've not got much to say about this guy, except that it was the perfect look to attach the

Attracted Flies enigma to. Stinky boi.



The very first completed look I'd made upon signing up to! Packed all over with bags and bedrolls, this red panda kitsune was designed to look like a travelling merchant - the sort of kindly stranger you'd meet on a road to nowhere in roleplaying video games. This characterization didn't amount to much in-game, as I'd mostly used them to complete quests around Lakeroot and roleplays were few and far between, but other players would often stop me in my tracks to compliment my decal game! Before the shiba inu, this was considered my cutest character - and people were especially fond when it'd talk only in smiley faces.



Inspired by protogens but technically an android, this robotic kitsune (nicknamed the Protokit by other players) served as my self insert character and was the first look I'd ever started on! Back then, player avatars would blink, and I was especially proud of giving this character C-shaped happy eyes whenever he did. It was pretty tricky considering I had to layer the stickers perfectly beneath his pupils!!

Entirely mechanical, the yellow fur across his body was merely a decorative pelt. His bare face, limbs and thruster jets hinted at what laid beneath the surface: a high-tech, futuristic creature outfitted with sleek curves and sensor screens similar to that of an AIBO ERS-7! And just like an AIBO, the Protokit was a companion creature. His directive was simply to enjoy the time he spent with his friends.

For my first year of play, this was my go-to guy for whenever I'd wind down and spend some social time in City Fera. He'd met hundreds of friendly faces, attended countless Costume Contests, and was my first character to perform the parkour glitch that allowed players to

explore the interior of the Queens' Castle. A real trailblazer!

Pretztail, 2020

My first cosplay character and a head-turner for anyone who recognized it, this guy was a Pretztail from Viva Piñata! I was honestly surprised at how difficult this look was to pull off - despite the simplicity of the finished product, it used up every single decal slot! I didn't even get to add paper tags!!

I'd actually wanted to make a Pieena and a Horstachio using the Werewolf and Kirin creatures, but after realizing how much space the much simpler Pretztail took up, I decided against giving it a shot.

Unfortunately not very popular due to the young playerbase not knowing what it was, I didn't get to use the Pretztail often. It was mostly reserved for shenanigans between me and my buddies, including a goofy challenge in which they'd have to herd and tag me to "smash" the piñata open and earn a bundle of my spare materials.



What kind of Ōkami fan would I be if I didn't recreate Amaterasu in every furry game I played? Intended to be as accurate to her in-game appearance as possible, this look featured everything from ink outlines to a little Issun pendant! Admittedly, one of the main reasons I'd made this cosplay was because I'd seen others attempt it and never quite get it down - no shade of course, because all Ammy looks were awesome in their own right!! But everyone always focused so much on her red markings that they wouldn't give enough attention to the black detailing. Emulating these outlines was my main challenge when I started her up, and I think I smashed it.


Owlkitty, 2020

Inspired by barn owls and owlbears, this cute critter was my first fully-formed senri and one of the very few to be featured in writing!

Luxray, 2021


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