Large, weathered title text that reads 'Impressive Title' in capital letters. The font is black and has a rainbow outline.

This page is a non-exhaustive* archive of all the characters and outfits I've put together across Impressive Title and its derivative servers! Take a trip back to 2010 with me!! ( ノ・∇・)ノ

*Many characters have been lost to time :(

Impressive Title
An original character named Kaida. She is a dark grey panther-like feline with a blackened muzzle and a light grey underbelly. Her paws are also light grey. She has long, dark blue hair that falls down the right side of her face in drapes and pale blue feathered wings. Her spine protrudes from her back in dragon-like back spines and she is holding a twig between her teeth like a cigarette.

Impressive Title was an online free-roaming roleplaying game inspired by the Lion King movies and developed by KovuLKD. The game allowed for exploration of a massive world with a wide variety of biomes ranging from frozen tundras and woodlands to a roiling volcano, and boasted an impressive (hehe) arsenal of customisation options that could be obtained by hunting prey creatures. Due to some unfortunate security breaches, the game was shut down in 2010 and succeeded by FeralHeart in 2011, with IT's code going open-source for developers to host their own servers if they wanted. Jump forward a few years, and there was an influx of IT servers!

Kaida, 2010

The first screenshot of IT on my computer has this character, Kaida (she/her), front and center. I can only assume she was my very first OC!! Back in 2010, I wasn't very familiar with the concept of "original characters" - I'd made them, technically, but they were all self inserts of sorts. Me as a dragon, me as a Pokémon trainer, me as a Club Penguin penguin and so on. If I had to guess, Kaida was the first time I'd made up a character from scratch and developed them through writing!

All of which is to say... I can't remember her well. I don't know what her personality was like and I've got no clue as to what inspired her design, but she was quite wonderfully edgy, wasn't she?

Let's say she had a tragic past and a mysterious air about her, as if nobody could ever understand her. That feels right.

An original character named Tanis. He is a pale grey-green coloured feline and has large bat-like wings, making him look somewhat like a gargoyle. He has a dark green mane that runs along his spine in sharp points and falls over the right side of his face. The tip of his tail and his wrists are marked with dark red stripes.

Tanis, 2010

Tanis (he/him) is a kind of interesting case, as I'd never properly developed him but saw fit to remake him in FeralHeart once upon a time. He was brooding, dangerous, and maybe part-demon - always outfitted with the biggest fuck-off rifle or buster sword I could find.

The deep red parts on his body were smeared blood splatters and gouged wounds, because heck yeah they were, and he was named after my brother's gamertag, which I guess I thought kicked ass.

It does kick ass.

Impressive World
An original character named Silk. Intended to resemble a hyena, they have a long canine muzzle and a jagged mane that runs down their spine and flops over the right side of their face. Their pelt is dark brown, their underbelly is light brown, and they are covered in near-black speckles. They are wearing earrings, one gold and one silver, and a golden pendant that matches their eye colour.

Impressive World was the largest IT server following the original game's shutdown in early 2010. Incredibly faithful to the source material and boasting fun new community events, the server gathered a lot of interest from the growing FeralHeart community who missed out on the predecessor game, and reached its height of popularity around 2013. In 2016, the developers retired to focus their attention on an original project, and since July of 2017 ownership of Impressive World has fallen to Riven. The official title of her incarnation of the game is IW: Furthest Reach, but it has yet to release.

Silk, 2013

Silk (he/they) was a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners hyena assassin created in the height of my "OCs can't be too powerful or colourful" phase, hence their reserved weaponry and naturalistic pallete. Smug and self-centred, they worked alone, which lent well to my social anxiety at the time and made them seem appropriately aloof in roleplays.

Their pronouns are kinda speculative, as I'd originally wanted them to be genderless but hadn't yet learned about non-binary genders. At the point of their creation, they used he/him pronouns exclusively.

This was the character I used most in my IW days - so much so, in fact, that I can't find screenshots of any other OCs! I used him to hunt, to tame, to write and explore, all of which contributed to a lengthy biography of his exploits that has since been lost to time.

Dragon's Den

Silk was recreated in Dragon's Den with a new name, Kamba, but was quickly retired. It came to my attention that the server's developers, LazyZim and RyderZenen, are all kinds of bigoted - from flying confederate flags on presets to advocating violence against protestors and discussing transphobic rhetoric about their userbase on message boards. I wasn't comfortable in this server and I don't reccommend signing up if it is somehow still active.

An original character named Kerfuffle. Similar to Silk, he is brown in colour and covered in dark speckles to liken him to a hyena. Now though, the jagged mane that runs down his spine attaches to his tail, which is a dark, puffy explosion of fur. He is wearing a golden scarf, golden claws, a reflective golden mask, and has a golden sword strapped to his back.

An ever-growing and ever-innovating IT server with a tight-knit community, Glasmar boasts over 180 maps, 1000 individual items and all kinds of new customisation options (including playable dragons!) for players to enjoy. A love letter to past IT servers, it is a cumulation of nostalgic content from communities past and my personal favourite recreation.

Kerfuffle, 2021

The third and final incarnation of Silk, Kerfuffle (he/they) is brighter, fluffier, and a lot more gold-plated than his previous forms. In my want to lean into his hyena inspirations, I made him a more light-hearted and mischievous personality - the type to pull pranks and cackle to himself from the bushes. While maybe not a born adventurer, he's always tumbling into them and wrestling through with courage.

On my first day playing Glasmar, Dec 14 2021, I had one of the most light-hearted and positive interactions I'd ever had on an IT server. I was given a tour around new maps, chattered-to by a group of friendly faces, and showered in items - one being the highly coveted Firefly Shard that can only be given by admins. It's permanently glued to Kerfuffle now.

An original character named Crucible. Made to look like a gryphon, the lower half of their body depicts a magenta-coloured lion and the upper half of their body resembles a raven or crow. They are wearing a cow's skull on their head to imitate a beak and have two black deer antlers poking out from the feathers on their head. They also have a shackle on their left foreleg.

Crucible, 2022

My first OC to be wholly designed in Glasmar and a heartening return to my edgy roots! Crucible (he/they) is a kindly (if somewhat grumpy) gryphon who was turned tragically twisted by the corrupted undergrowth of The Blackened Plains. For their design, I leant into pink as a colour of corruption, using strong magentas and valentines items to cut an unusual kind of grim figure. Corvids inspired their upper half, which is intended to look like an interconnected mane of dark feathers - so dark as to drive his prey mad when he shrouds it with his wings.

For this guy, I'm eagerly awaiting Glasmar's layered markings update as I'd love to give his legs the impression of being bare and scaled like a bird's!

They're also the best friend of Turmal (it/its), a canid gargoyle owned by my buddy Maunder. The two are often seen side-by-side, prowling the most barren and ghost-spotted territories of Glasmar as they hunt down the dead and harvest ingredients that might cure Crucible of his untimely unwellness.

He doesn't want to be bad.

Not pictured: his Dark Heart Shard, which looks awesome in motion but hides his entire face and ass when I try to take a screenshot.

An original character named Breach. Dark blue in colour and covered in lighter dapples of teal, its body resembles a feline and its face resembles an insect. It has extravagant, curly butterfly wings and a fat tail which ends in a sharp white point. A question mark hovers above its inquisitive, boggly eyes and it's wearing a black and white striped scarf.

Breach, 2022

A cat-like aphid who is assumed to have mutated in the toxic wastes of the Badlands. Despite its eerie appearance and spookily silent demeanour, Breach (it/its) seems to mean nobody any harm. You probably shouldn't touch it, though.

I designed this little guy (very little - it's the smallest size in the game!) by picking from the teal pallete of the Gas Mask item, with its speckly patterns coming together for an aposematic, smoggy kind of look. The white tip on the end of its tail is also intended to look like a stinger!

Though a pretty reserved design all things considered, Breach might be my favourite Glasmar OC for having so much personality packed into its tiny body! Its beady eyes are adorably endearing, its extravagant wings keep it from feeling too plain, and the white spots in its outfit help break up the dark parts of its body mass in a super appealing way. I'm proud to be its maker!

Not pictured: its Tainted Star Shard.

An original character named Bedrid. He is a white feline with a pitch black face, red-and-black dragon's wings, and a dragon's tail poking out from his rear end. Atop his head are tall dark spines and red horns that curve back against his neckline. His eyes are bloodshot and seperated by a thick shock of white hair that touches down by his nose.

Bedrid, 2022

With colour inspiration drawn from prey Reaper Wyverns and edgelord OCs everywhere, Bedrid (xe/him) is a character who embodies everything I thought was awesome as a child. He's half-dragon, a vampire, a moody teenager, and a ruthless killing machine!

Hatched from a vampiric Reaper's egg with xyr feline father nowhere to be found, Bedrid had little choice but to learn a life of loathing. The Reaper Wyvern familiar that tails xem is actually xyr mother, who guides xyr hand as xe wreaks havoc across Glasmar. She's an acidic presence, the kind of devil-on-the-shoulder figure that could turn the purest soul bleak with her whispers. As such, Bedrid is pretty miserable about xyr role as a living weapon and carries out unspeakable acts with the kind of hormonal anger that could be expected of a sheltered child.

The black bits on his body are bare and hairless, wrinkled like a sphynx cat but tough as hide. In the absence of full-body clothes and costume capes, I wanted his luxurious white pelt to come across as a stark thing, like a too-furry coat being worn over a much thinner creature; a symbolic attempt to hide who he really is and mask what he resents. Even so, he carries a black and red scythe - a sort of counterpoint that proves he's accepted his role and sees himself as something truly dangerous.

Not pictured: xyr Horror Shard.

An original character named Yo-Yo. It is a three-tailed orange fox with dark orange stripes and a yellow underbelly. It has a bright teal tuft of hair on its head, a bright teal nose, and bright teal horns poking out from behind its upright ears. It is wearing a blue scarf, a pair of black headphones, and a sunburnt guitar.

Yo-Yo, 2022

Yo-Yo (he/it) is my self insert of sorts, the character I use when I'm fully out-of-character and participating in fun community events!! He's got my favourite colour pallete of oranges, yellows and teals, and he's a party-hardy lover of music who'll do just about anything to make others laugh! If you see this guy online, I hope he (we?) makes you smile!

In Glasmar's future, I'm hoping we'll see more teal items added. I feel like Yo-Yo could be way wackier than he is right now - more decorated, more eye searing, more SPARKLY - and orange is kind of dominating his design right now. I like me some variety!

He's also the lucky owner of my Caerulus Cerberus, a three-headed canine creature with a 0.0007 spawn rate in the Dimensional Gateway!